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Lodge Renovation – call for assistance Saturday April 26th at 9am

My Brothers,

The lodge will receive another significant renovation beginning the second week of May. The construction project will affect both up and down stairs: we are replacing the windows upstairs, windows and walls down stairs. The majority of the work focuses on the fellowship hall.

The building committee needs your assistance with some light demo work. The demo work, with the brothers’ help, should only take a few hours to complete. This is another opportunity for you to make your mark among men and Masons, to again sign the walls of our historic edifice, leaving our mark for future generations to come. Once the demo work is complete I’d like to bring a small container, a time capsule of sorts, to entomb in the walls.

Equipment needs are as follows:

  • Truck/s
  • Trailer
  • Demo tools (or Bro Steven’s pythons)
  • ShopVac

The scope of work:

  • Stack tables in the center of the hall
  • Move cabinets to the center of the room
  • Remove and box all wall hangings
  • Remove trim to be reused, leaving the I-Beam molding in place
  • Remove curtains and window box
  • Stack antique chairs on the tables
  • Disconnect and remove the heaters
  • Remove and dispose of the paneling on exterior facing walls
  • Remove door trim

I would love to have all of you come out this weekend,  Saturday April 26th at 9am to help peel back the layers of time in our historic building. Please let me know if you can make it out this Saturday to help out. Even if you are limited in time or ability, we would still love to see you and spend time with you.

Thank you all again.


Bro David Franco

Lodge Photos

This year we had the privilege of displaying several of the lodge’s artifacts at the Annual Holly Springs Arts Festival
at the Holly Springs Cultural Center, starting February, 5 and ending at their Gala Event on Saturday night February, 8th. The weeklong festival included an historical exhibit, art displays, and classes, performances by the 6 public schools in HS and musicians as well as an art Vendor Show. In preparation for the festival, the Holly Springs Historical Preservation Society paid the lodge a visit and kindly donated these photos for our archives.

A big thanks to Brenda Priest of the Historical Preservation Society and photographer Steve Jahn for sharing these photos.

Lodge Visitation – William T. Bain # 231

On April 7th, members of the Holly Springs Lodge paid a visit to William T. Bain Lodge #231 for their monthly stated communication. The lodge was packed as visitors from Apex, Vandora, and Hiram #40 (the DDGM) were there as well. Additionally, Green Level Lodge #277 showed up in force hoping to retrieve the Traveling Gavel.

Delivering Solomon Spud

Our visit served three purposes: fellowship with the brothers in the district, share in the joy that is Solomon Spud, and retrieve that gavel. There were a tense few moments waiting for a headcount but in the end the gavel came home to HS 115 along with a promise from Green Level to retrieve it the following evening!

Retrieving the Gavel

One of the more interesting portions of the evening was being included in the 50 year membership pin presentation to two brothers there at William T. Bain Lodge. The brothers were surrounded by friends and family to recognize this auspicious occasion.

50 Year Pin

Thanks to all who could share in this activity last night! Hope to see you all tonight at our dinner and meeting.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bro Tom

Next stated communication 8 April 2014


Our next stated communication is coming up quickly on 8 April 2014. If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP your attendance for dinner. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dinner: 6:30 PM
Meeting: 7:30 PM