Our History

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By 1800, the village of Holly Springs began to grow near a fresh water spring at the crossroads of Avent Ferry and Cass Holt Roads. The first three buildings in this soon to be town, included a General store, a Baptist church, and a Masonic lodge.

Chartered in 1847, Holly Springs Masonic Lodge #115 is committed to helping good men become better. Our dedication to community and education is a cornerstone of our undertakings. Serving as one of the town’s first schools, Holly Springs Academy opened its doors in 1854. Following the Civil War, the Lodge became one of the first schools for women in Wake County. Currently, Holly Springs Lodge #115 provides scholarships to outstanding Holly Springs high school students.

The Masonic Lodge’s national influence has been recognized by being listed on the National Historic Registry. To this day, Holly Springs Lodge #115 promotes Brotherly Love, Community and Education.

Lodge History: 1847 to 1947 – PDF

Past Masters List: PDF